Santa's Best and GE Christmas Tree Help

What to do if your Santa's Best Christmas Tree Lights don't work

1.  What to do if a tree row will not light.
  A) Did the row ever light?
  • If yes, check the fuses located in the plugs. If the tree is a Constant On type it has additional special fuse bulbs. Do not attempt to change or remove the special fuse bulb. Intentionally tampering with the special bulbs violates the warranty. These bulbs have recessed bases that are white. All the other bulbs will have green bases. If the string set is white the recessed bulb will have a green base.
  • If no, plug the row into a separate working outlet, or a different working extension cord to ensure that the non-bladed connector on the row below or the tree cord itself is not defective.

B) Replace the fuses.

  • Fuses are located in the bladed end of the cord (end with prongs).
  • Make sure row is not plugged in first!
  • Slide the fuse holder open in the direction of the arrow.
  • Carefully pry the fuses out at the metal ends of the fuses from the fuse holder. Please do not pull on the glass part of the fuse.
  • Insert new fuses and close the holder. Plug in and see if row will light.

C) Check for loose, broken or missing lights.

  • Make sure the row is not plugged in.
  • Each light must be tight in the socket or the row may not light. If a bulb is burnt out or missing you need to replace those as soon as you notice them with the exception of Constant On™ current limiting lights (fuse bulbs).

D) Replacing light bulbs.

  • Make sure the set is not plugged in.
  • Remove the holder from the socket.
  • Remove the bulb from the holder.
  • Insert a properly working bulb into the holder.
  • Bend the wires up around the sides of the holder.
  • Insert the new bulb into the socket

E) If the tree extension cord has an on/off footpad check that the footpad has been stepped on to turn the tree on.

2. The row is only partially lit ½ on and ½ off. (Did it ever completely light)?
  A) Check for any loose or broken bulbs on the section that is not lighting properly.

B) Replacing light bulbs.

If none of these tips helps call the Santa's Best toll free number at 1.877.398.7337 for further assistance.

Before calling please have the following information available so we may promptly assist you.

  • Tree Name - example (Noble, Monterey, Natural Fir etc...)
  • Tree Height
  • Tree Model/Style Number
  • UPC Bar codes on retail packaging
  • Year Tree was purchased
  • What is the color of the bulbs on the tree?
  • Any brand name on the box
  • Which Row is not lighting properly?
  • What troubleshooting have you already attempted?

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