Flocked And Frosted Christmas Trees

Flocked and Frosted Christmas Trees

There are many specialty Christmas trees available for purchase. Trees that rotate, colorful and strange shaped trees, even upside down hanging trees. But two styles of trees in particular bear looking at. A closely related pair, only differing from each other in degree, is the frosted and flocked trees.

The point behind these trees is to create the impression of a tree that is covered in snowfall. This effect is often employed to create a decorative scene as if pulled right from a wooded glen, with the tree still freshly covered with the snow that was on it when it was found.

The differences, as noted, are in degree. A frosted tree is lightly dusted with glitter or artificial snow fibers so as to change the coloration of the tips of the branches. Frosted tree tips appear to turn white at the edge, giving a green tree a fringe of white all around the edge. The total effect is that the tree appears to have been touched by a strong frost, leaving ice on the branches.

A flocked tree, on the other hand, is covered with a sprayed on fibrous material to imitate actual snow. The material is clearly visible coating the tips and branches of the tree, covering it with the artificial snow. Flocking, unlike frosting, is a bit looser and can crumble off with movement or handling. Although the effect is striking, it may be wise to consider facts such as that, and that flocking may yellow after some years have passed, though storing them in dry cool environments will help prevent that.

Adding snow to a tree is a simple procedure that in this case makes for a completely different looking product. So if you think you might be interested in such a tree, check out our stock today.

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