Types of Artificial Christmas Trees

Types of Artificial Christmas Tree

The trees sold at Christmas Central are, for the most part, made of different types of plastic polymer. The most common types are made of one of two materials: Polyvinyl chloride(PVC), and polyethylene(PE). The other artificial foliage sold here, such as the garlands, hanging swags, and wreathes, also have the same materials.

PVC is the more common material, having been in production for years now. It is the more familiar feeling material. The needles created in this process have a flat appearance, like strips of material, but come to a point and can prickle to the touch.

PE is newer, and made to a more exacting standard. PE trees are often described as having molded branches, due to being cast in the shape of actual pine needles. They have an extremely realistic look and a stiffened, slightly rigid structure. To the touch they are softer than PVC, but bend less readily.

There are plenty of reasons to select either type of tree. PVC is more common and has been on the market longer, so a wider variety of trees, both at Christmas Central and elsewhere, are available in this style. Also, the material is cheaper to be made, so the trees have a lower cost. On the other hand, PE gives a more realistic feeling, visually striking and impressive. It is also worth noting that most trees made of PE actually incorporate both materials. The exterior branches and needles are PE, giving the realistic, molded appearance, while the inner branches are PVC, to fill out the tree and keep the cost lower for the consumer.

There are other, less common options than the basic plastics. Many of the whimsical and colored trees are not made of either material, instead made of a light plastic often referred to as tinsel. As these trees are not attempting photorealism but instead a humorous or artistic style, there is less need for the plastics to have a realistic shape or texture.

There are pros and cons to both types of trees, but what is indisputable is that either style of tree will give your Christmas the traditional, wonderful feel that it needs, while being a resilient and reusable product to say in the family for years to come.

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