Animated Christmas Lights

Animated Christmas Lights

Most Christmas lights are steady burning: once they are switched on, they stay on as long as they have power. But several styles of light do not follow that pattern. They offer a different visual effect and as such as often very popular.

Twinkling lights come in multiple forms. From strings that randomly blink on and off, to strings in which individual bulbs sparkle and power up and down, this style of light runs the gamut. The primary effect is to give the lights a more animated feel. From a distance, these strings will seem to shimmer like star light. Combined with normal lights, they give a bit of life to an otherwise static display.

Running lights, on the other hand, are distinct. They are strings of lights that follow a set, controllable pattern. They flash on and off from one end to the other, creating the illusion of a single ‘light’ that travels down the bulbs. Chasing lights give a flowing, exciting mood to decorations. Most come with controls that let the user decide on the speed and frequency of the chasing effect.

Some bulbs stay lit the entire time they are in use, but in are animated in another fashion. A popular style of light in this sense is the color changing bulb. These bulbs flow smoothly between a predetermined series of colors, often going through shades between them. For someone who doesn’t want flashing lights doesn’t want a lot of flashing bulbs in their display, this may be the best option. There are also bulbs that are programmed to create multiple patterns, from different types of running, to a sequence of patterns, and more, for a much more complex option.

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