Christmas Light Amps, Watts and Volts Answers

Volts, Amperage, and Watts

What are volts, amps, and watts?

Voltage Calculations

Volts (V) measure the force (strength) of electricity.

How do I determine voltage of a light set?

Voltage = wattage/amperage

Average US Household is 110 volt service

Amperage Calculation

Amps measure the amount of electricity used.
250 Mini 2.5 volt bulbs = 1 amp.
Amperage = # of total bulbs divided by 250

You must obtain wattage number before you can calculate amperage.
Wattage / Voltage = Amperage

The average outlet in a home (United States) is 20 amps

Wattage Calculation

Wattage is the best way to tell you how many sets of Christmas Lights you can connect end to end.

Watts measure the work electricity does per second. (# of bulbs x bulb voltage) x .2 amps. = wattage
# of bulbs x bulb wattage = total wattage

* Voltage can never be more than 110 volts for a calculation as normal house service is not greater than this.

How many volts, amps, and watts are in mini light sets?

Amperage equals the number of bulbs multiplied by the wattage of each bulb divided by 110 volts. A breakdown of volts, amps, and watts for common mini light set is presented below by type and size:

Incandescent Mini Light Sets

35-light Mini Set = 120 V, .20 amps, 24 watts
50-light Mini Set = 120 V, .20 amps, 24 watts
100-light Mini Set = 120 V, .40 amps, 48 watts

LEDs for Flexchange and Non-Replaceable Sets

25-light set = 120 V, .02 amps, 2.4 watts
35-light set = 120 V, .02 amps, 2.4 watts
50-light set = 120 V, .04 amps, 4.8 watts

NOTE: The average outlet in a home has 20 amp service.
NOTE: Voltage is never more than 120 V for these light sets. The standard house service is usually 120.
NOTE: 120 V is the industry standard for most mini light sets and complies with UL testing. We list bulb voltage to ensure consumers use the correct replacement bulbs. Each of the mini light sets listed here are 120 V.

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