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Clothtique Christmas Decorations

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Clothtique is best known for its realistic folds and wrinkles, and for its magical ability to keep a hold on the past. The Possible Dreams collection uses this to create something unique and visually exciting.

Centuries ago, European craftsmen invented imaginative ways to clothe the dolls and figurines they created. One method proved so successful in bringing beauty and realism to their artistry that it was secretly passed down from one generation to the next.

The early founders of Possible Dreams happened upon this ancient method of creating a special stiffened cloth and immediately began improving on it. Ceramic, resin, and many other materials are used to insure exact balance and fine sculptural detailing, as figurines pose frozen in mid-action. Authentic accessories are added to support the theme of each piece. And, of course, our best illustrators and sculptors are employed to capture the magical expressions that have made the faces of these figurines the unique favorites that they are.

The result is Clothtique, a miraculous process that brings a magical enhancement to every Santa the Possible Dreams artists design. From traditional depictions, to his leisure, sports, pet and cooking activities, find the charming Santa for you here.

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