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All-Natural Eco-Friendly EcoOne 3 Month Water Treatment Kit for Pools and Spas

All-Natural Eco-Friendly EcoOne 3 Month Water Treatment Kit for Pools and Spas

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All-Natural Eco-Friendly EcoOne 3 Month Water Treatment Kit for Pools and Spas

All-Natural Eco-Friendly EcoOne 3 Month Water Treatment Kit for Pools and Spas

Contains everything you need to fully maintain your spa for each three month fill cycle

Kit Includes:

3 Spa Monthly Bottles
Naturally solves most spa water treatment problems
Literally grabs body oils, lotion, dirt, scum, etc. found in spa water and takes it to the spa filter making the spa filter do its job more effectively- keeping the water clean
Composed of a proprietary blend of natural ingredients, including coconut surfactants, which are known as natural cleaning agents that add the benefit of acting as a water conditioner and skin softner
Non foaming
Prevents scum formation
Compatible with most sanitizers (such as bromine, dichlor, chlorine & cartridges)
Directions: Fill spa and heat to normal operating temperature; add sanitizer; balnance alkalinity and pH if needed; with jets and blowers running, add one bottle directly to spa water
Weight: 8 ounces per bottle

1 Filter Cleanser
Cleans and penetrates deep inside the fibers of your filter without the use of harsh acids or bleach
Proprietary. ultra-concentrated and fast-acting formula cleans thoroughly without altering water chemistry or leaving any residue in your filter
Use once a week to clean and restore your cartridge filter and to keep it in optimal performance
Up to 15 uses per bottle
Directions: pour 1 capful of FILTER cleaner in a bucket filled with warm/hot water and soak your spa filter for about 30 minutes then rinse your spa filter with clean water
Weight: 8 ounces (226g) per bottle

1 OneShock Sanitizer/Shock Combo Pack
ONEshock™ is the world’s first self-dissolving, pre-measured spa sanitizer/shock combo packet. It is a revolutionary, unique to the market, ‘hands off’ shock / sanitizer combo
Simply toss 1-2 self-dissolving packets of ONEshock into spa water once a week (see instructions, will depend on spa usage)
ONEshock will keep your spa water clean, clear and bacteria-free
Destroys organic contaminants and restores clarity with no residue or sediment in spa water
Weight: 1 lb canister contains 68 pre-measured doses

About ecoone®:
ecoone® non-toxic pool and spa products were created for those who desire simple, nature-inspired, environmentally friendly products for their pool and spa
Products are simple-to-use and take the guess work out of maintaining pools and spas
Since 1997, ecoone® has been the leader in developing natural-based pool and spa treatment systems
The ecoone® system reduces and/or eliminates the majority of your spa care chemical regimen including foam reducers, pH up, pH down, clarifiers, scum digesters, filter cleaning products and chlorine/bromine

ecoone® features:
Free of dyes, perfumes and fragrances
Free of petroleum based chemicals: no VOCs
Made using enviro-friendly ingredients
Natural ingredients means softer skin and less irritation to eyes
Recyclable packaging
Made in the USA

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